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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love to be with people and other animals.  They are at their best as an 'inside',
'home',  'lap' dog. Their temperament is affectionate and gentle, and never aggressive in any way.  They are
easy to train and make an excellent and trustworthy companion for both children and the elderly alike.

They were primarily bred as house pets for the Royal families of Europe in the 16th Century.  Later, they often accompanied the Tudor women at court as foot warmers.

We have retired all of our breeding Cavaliers now and will no longer have any litters of pups available.

Our five wonderful Cavaliers now have a relaxing life being pampered as our pets.

We hope you enjoy our Cavalier Web pages of photos.


Our Flame

Left, Right & Below: FLAME, now
retired, is our 12 1/2 year old bitch,
who is a doting Daddy's girl.

Flame asleep




Left, Right & Below: FLAIRE, now retired, is our 11 1/2 year old bitch,
who has a quiet gentle nature.

Our Flaire
Flaire again




Left, Right & Below: EMBER, now
retired, is our 10 year old, very
energetic and astute Tricolour bitch.

Our Ember
Ember and Baut




Left, Right & Below : GLOW, is our
very loving, 8 year old pet bitch, who
has been a wonderful Aunty Glow for
our pups and now mothers our kittens.

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